An important part of any frame design is the mounting. Whether you use a traditional window mount or a modern style float mount you can easily influence the atmosphere of a finished piece to suit your needs and the needs of the artwork. We can help you find a solution that protects and present’s your work in its best possible light.

Dry Mounting

We offer a dry mounting service which is recommended for non-limited edition posters, some photographs and other art-work that is water-sensitive. These works can be easily adhered to an acid-free foamboard which will prevent rippling and flatten the artwork permanently. This process essentially eliminates problems including discolouration, bubbles and distortion.

Archival Mounting

At Omnus, we are archival framing specialists with over 30 years experience in presenting works on paper to museum standards. We ensure care for all artworks and collections by using only acid-free and archival materials. Our aim is to understand the unique conservation and presentation requirements to best preserve your artwork.

We use 100% cotton rag mount boards and barriers and acid-free gummed paper tapes for attaching works to substrates. Cotton fibre is 99% acid-free and counteracts environmental acids and air pollution which may come in contact with the art. Our expertise in archival framing ensures your work is protected in an acid-free environment using techniques that are easily reversible.